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October 5, 2009



by Darren Stone


Originally uploaded by darrenstone

This is my first blog entry ever. I have recently been working on a fashion/portrait portfolio. It has been something I have always wanted to do and the timing seems right as I am at a point in life where I can think of a mid-career switch. I think it is important for professional photographers to have personal work to keep the creativity flowing. As far as the subject matter is concerned, I have always been on a quest to capture physical beauty with the camera. Whether it be a landscape, the visual beauty of athleticism, flowers etc. I need to have a personal response to the subject in order to bring the most I can of my self into the image. Because I find women beautiful. That is my subject of choice.

This first post is an image of Camiel. Camiel is a Victoria comedic actress that was kind enough to do a shoot with me. A beautiful woman and a fine person, the shoot was one of the best so far (they have all been good). Camiel has an expressive face and was able to pose with ease. I understand why performers make such great models in the magazines. Camiel is something of a chameleon I am having a hard time editing the images because they are all so good and so different.

I do most of my shooting with a Canon 5D Mark 2 and that is the camera used for this picture. The lens was a Canon 85mm/f1.8. A classic portrait lens.The lens gives a nice perspective to the face. The lighting used is called “butterfly” lighting. It is a single strobe (in this case a White Lightning 1600X)located directly in front of the model and slightly above. With a sliver reflector in front and below the subject. To be honest I am using one light at the moment because I am learning and need to keep it simple. This lighting gives nice catch lights in the eyes and nice soft shadows around the mouth and nose. Camiel did all of the styling herself.

Retouching took about two hours. Just clean up and added a bit of blush to the cheeks.

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  1. mostlylisa
    Oct 7 2009

    Look at you Mr. Sneaky Blogger! So glad you’ve started one. I loved this shot. Simple, clean & elegant.

    I think your next challenge should be adding a second strobe as a hair or bkg light. I need to come and visit so we can get super stroby! Between us we’ll have 4 strobes! That spells fun in my books!


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