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November 20, 2009



by Darren Stone


Originally uploaded by darrenstone

I have to say this was this was the most fun I have during a shoot. Even had the cops show up to find out what all the bursts of light were about in the street and sky around my condo.
It was also rewarding because thinking about the lighting has become second nature and I was able to concentrate on the subject. Practice is the only way to achieve this. Just doing as any sittings as you can and making lots of mistakes.
The image is a product of complete collaboration. Once Natasha got into character, my part as the photographer was just clicking the shutter.
The lighting was a single White Lightning 1600X at full power diffused with an umbrella directly in front of Natasha.
Post-processing in CS4 included darkening of the eyebrows and mustache, with enhancement of the eyes and basic skin touch up.

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  1. Jo Hurst
    Dec 3 2009

    Dear Darren,
    I work for the BBC and I noticed on your flickr account a couple of stunning pictures of St Paul’s Cathedral in London, Ontario. We are making a property programme featuring the architect who built that cathedral and I wanted to ask about permission to use your photographs as part of a sequence where we reveal the history of a house in the UK and talk about his architecture once he left for Canada. Please do let me know if you think this would be possible at all.
    Kind Regards,


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