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February 21, 2012


Do You Like Your Vogue Organic?

by Darren Stone

A New Direction for American Vogue?

Or processed?

I couldn’t help noticing the image of Taylor Swift by photographer Mario Testino on the February American Vogue cover. It’s a lovely image. But I’ve marked the areas that most technicians would lighten and correct with Photoshop cloning, dodging and healing brushes.

Call me a geek for noticing.

So what happened? It’s anyone’s guess, but here’s some theories.

1-Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour has changed directions and has limited post-processing on the cover.

I’m sure Vogue would have to have a complete change of photographic ethics in order to do this.The images inside are still heavily post-processsed.

#2- They forgot to enhance it.

Well I suppose weirder things have happened. But come on…… It’s Vogue!

3- Someone, perhaps creative director Grace Coddington, convinced the “powers that be” to leave to image raw to give it a vintage feel. The picture does have a nice 60’s “hippy” feel to it.

I like this theory, and I think it’s the most likely.

Whatever happened, it sure was refreshing. I’m getting kinda tired of models and celebs being cloned into aliens . And to be fair to Vogue I think ….just maybe….they’re laying off the Photoshop on the inside editorial pages a bit. But the advertising?…Forget it!

I’m sure the public would respond to a more natural photographic look in fashion magazines. And there may be a move to more minimalist manipulation of images. This can only be a good thing…..aesthetically and ethically.

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  1. Anonymous
    Aug 11 2012

    Like it an organic style


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