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February 23, 2012


Models-10 Ways To Improve Your Fashion Photography

by Darren Stone


Picture this.

You want to try fashion photography. You’re standing in front of a model willing to pose for you.
“So what do you want me to do?” they say blowing the hair out of their eyes.

You can’t hide behind your gear……. What to do?

1- Be honest- If this is your first shoot tell them. They’ll figure it out anyway.

2- Ask questions- How much experience do they have? New models need lots of direction. Experienced models need very little. Can they do their own make up? Provide the clothes? You should bring matt make up powder. If they don’t have any powder, this can save a shoot. Or at least save you from hours of Photoshop.

3- Have an idea of what you want-Scour google images and find pictures you like. Email images to the model before the shoot. Do you want beauty head shots? Full length fashion shots? Conceptual art images?

4- Know what the model wants – Chances are the model is not being paid and will have images they’ll need for their portfolio. They can send you some pictures they like and can bring the appropriate clothes to emulate the pictures.

5- If it’s fashion, it’s about the clothes- Don’t forget this. It’s easy to get lost on the importance of the model and the need to show them in good light. Any direction you give must show the clothes the way they need to be shot. You’ll have to be part stylist.

6- Let them pose, you direct-The models will have certain poses they feel comfortable with. Start with these, they’re a great warm up. When they’re posing take notice what the poses look like. Are they interesting? Cliche? Direct them to improve the look. “A little more sideways” “Keep your arms loose and free” Have them walk across the studio, walk straight towards you, fling their hair in the air or jump in the air. Direct for moods like badass, crazy, sexy, edgy, funny…. whatever works for creating interesting facial expressions. Also try static. No Movement, no posing. Just have them stand and look at the camera. It can look quirky and cool with some outfits and facial expressions. And don’t forget to tell them when something looks great.

7-Shoot between poses. Take pictures when they’re not ready, fixing their hair, moving to the next pose. These pictures give a natural unposed look. You’ll be surprised with the results.

8-Play music- Whatever music you both like. Music that goes with the mood of the shoot.

9-Keep the energy up- If it takes few Red Bulls….drink up! Your energy and passion will show in the images.If things die down,take a break. Change outfits,mess with the lighting. Anything to keep things fresh and moving.

10-Practice- This will do more than anything to help you with directing. Practice until it becomes second nature for you. And don’t get discouraged. It will take 10,000 hours of practice to become proficient.

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