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May 16, 2012


5 Ways To Improve Your Concert Photography~ Nine Inch Nails

by Darren Stone

1~ Max out the ISO

Newer model DSLR’s have extreme ISO settings with little loss in quality. Don’t be afraid of going 1600 ISO and above. You’ll need it.
2~ Crank up the shutter speed

Keep your shutter speed as high as possible. It’s surprising how quickly performers move onstage. Especially at rock concerts. Try for a minimum of 1/250 sec. You’ll need high ISO and fast lenses to achieve this.

3~ Expose for the subject

Your meter is going want to over-expose your subject. The meter gets thrown off by the dark background combined with a spotlit subject. If you don’t under-expose you’ll get blocked-up highlights on the faces.

4~ Use the “Hail Mary”

When you shoot from the photo pit you’ll be beneath the performers. To get dynamic shots, hold your camera above your head with a wide angle lens on. Blast away!

5~ Carry two camera bodies

One body with a telephoto and one body with a wide angle. You won’t have time to change lenses. Usually you only get three songs so you have to use every second. Plus it’s too dark to see what you’re doing anyway.

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  1. May 16 2012

    Reblogged this on Seth Paxton's Design Blog.

  2. May 29 2012

    Absolutely awesome post. I saw NIN on this tour and was blown away. Great job on these pics, and with these tips. Back then, I used my super-crappy .05-megapixel flip phone for concert journalism, so it’s great to see these pro-level shots.

    • Jun 4 2012

      Thanks!!! It was a great concert. NIN is so good about providing excellent visuals at concerts!


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