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Natasha by The Real Darren Stone
Natasha, a photo by The Real Darren Stone on Flickr.

Canon 5D Mark 2
Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM
1/100 sec
White lightning 1600x Large softbox
Flash Exp f/9.0


Back to the studio


Now that I’ve secured studio space I’ll be getting back to work on my fashion portfolio. I’ll update the blog with some of the technical information as I go.

I’ll be using the Canon 5D Mark 2 for all of the images. I do quite a bit of Photoshop post -processing  so I will incorporate this in the blogs.

I’ve mentioned this before, but just about everything I do in Photoshop can be learned at Lynda .com.

As far as lighting goes I’ll be staying with one strobe (and use a reflector when necessary). The studio has a boom stand so I’ll be able to get some interesting light effects.

So the light will be a single White Lightning 1600X . I’ll  use a translucent white shoot-through umbrella for the beauty shots and  a Photogenic 60″ Eclipse Plus Umbrella for most of the fashion shots.



Extracted from the Adobe Photoshop CS4 Windows...

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Originally uploaded by The Real Darren Stone

Been messing around with the Film Grain filter in Photoshop. Plus I am running out of material from earlier shoots, so just trying some new tricks.
I am trying to get some models lined up for the summer, but I haven’t had much luck so far.

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