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Two iPhone 4s Camera Tricks

Here’s a couple of tricks with the iPhone 4s Camera.

Trick #1- With the Camera app open, slide your finger across the screen to look at your library.

Trick #2-When the screen is locked and you want to take a quick picture. Hold your finger on the camera icon and slide up to launch the Camera app.


iPhone 4s with Pro HDR/Snapseed/Camera+

Snapped this image of the Netherlands Centennial Carillon with the iPhone 4s and Pro HDR. Tweaked the image in Snapseed and added a border with Camera+.

I’m finding myself combining apps to do most of the processing. Some apps are better at certain adjustments than others. I’m sure this is the way most photographers work with the iPhone.

Snapseed is the free app for a limited time at Starbucks. So if you don’t have it I would highly recommend heading down to get a latte!

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