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Instagram After Hours Hair Salon ~ iPhone 4s


ted talks

First Lady

Rolling Stone Cobert


iPhone 4s With HDR Pro/Camera+

The Malahat~Darren Stone (2012)

Fancy yourself a smart phone Ansel Adams or William Henry Jackson? Try the iPhone apps Pro HDR and Camera+.

Pro HDR takes two exposures of the same scene to expand the dynamic range (HDR means High Dynamic Range) and does a much better job than the iPhone camera app at HDR.

Both of these images were captured with Pro HDR. Pro HDR doesn’t have great filters, so I enhanced the images with the Camera+ app. For Malahat I used “Clarity” and “So Emo” (plus a fancy grunge border) For Sooke Potholes I used “Clarity” and “Cyanotype”.

Sooke Potholes~Darren Stone (2012)

I used to take quite a few HDR’s. You can see some here, but I got bored with it. It’s way more fun on the iPhone. No nasty tripod to slow you down!

Thanks to Kenneth Todd for turning me on to Pro HDR with his amazing iPhone pics.


How To Have Hipstamatic Full Screen Viewfinder

Here’s a tip when using the Hipstamatic camera for the iPhone.

Double tap the viewfinder.

To get a fullscreen viewfinder.

You can hold your finger on the screen to change focus. Or click again to take a picture.

More on Hipstamatic photography later.

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