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Originally uploaded by The Real Darren Stone

Okay! I have to blog more! So here goes. Finally got back to shooting some more fashion. The model is Misha, a delightful young lady I found on Model Mayhem. We did the shoot in Beacon Hill Park in Victoria. The light was just fantastic as it was overcast and starting to rain a bit.
i decided to shoot with the 50mm f 1.8 lens. It is so sweet to put the normal lens on the full frame 5D Mark 2.
The 50mm is called “normal” because it gives normal perceptive when used on a film camera or a full frame digital SLR like the 5DM2 or 1Ds M3. That means when you pull the camera up to your eye, nothing changes from what your eye sees. Normal lenses are inexpensive and super “fast” or “bright”.
I decided to shoot wide open at f1.8 for the shoot. This gives an extremely  shallow depth of field and a nice effect. It’s also really hard to focus!
Miasha did a nice job under direction. Misha has a great attitude, she even stopped to play with the squirrels and feed a peacock a peanut! I think she has lots of potential. I hope I can do some more shoots with her.

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