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Ozzy Osbourne

Got a chance to really test out the new Canon EOS  7D as I was assigned to shoot the Ozzy Osbourne concert for the Times Colonist. We were given the usual first three song/no flash from the pit. The 7D really is an amazing camera for a photojournalist.

At almost 8 frames per second to a maximum 12800 ISO it is a fine lightweight news camera. It also shoots 1080p HD video.

The new 9 point autofocus system was flawless during the performance  when matched with the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L USM lens. It never hunted for focus and all of the images were sharp. It’s really nice to shoot at the high shutter speeds that can be used with the high ISO range of the 7D.

During the third song Ozzy pulled out a Canon of his own. A water foam cannon (which we were warned about before the show) and completely doused the photo pit with a white wet slime. He them turned the canon on himself. That’s when I got this capture.

Somehow I managed to stay dry. Well maybe he winged me, but most of the other photographers and security guys got soaked. I’m glad the new 7D didn’t get touched. Maybe my panic at the thought of the new camera getting wet motivated to move fast to get cover!

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